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The Season of Friendly Matches

30 Sept 2023

Well, we have just played our last friendly match of the season and now we must wait until April until we start again. The season seems to have flashed past and in its course we have played matches, home and away, with more than 20 other clubs. All the results are on the Club Hub section of the website but we fell short of an overall success, having won 18, lost 23 and drawn one. However, this reflects the fact that many of our bowlers were relatively inexperienced at the start and it was good to see that their skills, and our win rate, improved significantly in the second half of the season. This augurs well for the future.
I would like to thank all our members who responded so enthusiastically to the call to participate in matches, and I hope they have all enjoyed the season as much as I have. I very much look forward to playing with you again in 2024, a very special year as we celebrate the Club's 100th anniversary.

Paul Stickney, Club Captain

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