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What Goes On Tour...

25 Mar 2023

On 20th March, a party of 14 representing OPBC converged on the Potters Five Lakes Resort, near Tiptree, Essex, the attraction being a 4 day break, including a bowls tournament, enticed by those magic words, "All-inclusive". One big snag though: hardly anyone had played indoor bowls! Knowing this, within two hours of arrival, the party found themselves at a roll-up. What followed can best be described as 'interesting', but well worth the experience.

The bowls tournament, packed with experienced indoor bowlers, was always going to be a learning curve for the three OPBC teams entered. Nevertheless one of them made their way to the knockout quarter final stage, before losing a close- fought match. Not daunted, the OPBC bowlers turned up to practise even after the tournament ended. All improved their indoor skills and many gained valuable assistant from Gary, the resident coach.

With regard the rest of the Potters attractions, the group were unanimous in their praise for the accommodation, food, drink, other activities available and the first class professional entertainment each evening.

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