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What Our Members Say...
About Bowls

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Sue Holden_edited.jpg


As a complete novice, I was surprised just how easy it is to get the hang of the game.  It took a couple of sessions to become confident but since joining, I haven't looked back.

Mike F_edited.jpg


My one regret is that I didn't start playing bowls until my seventies. Forget the hype: this is far from being just an old person's game. My advice would be, start as young as possible and enjoy the game, the camaraderie and the social spin-off that a club like OPBC provides.

Claire 1_edited_edited.jpg


I enjoy being outside and playing in a tactical game with friends.  Bowls is competitive (and winning is nice!) but the competition not all consuming.  With Bowls, the enjoyment always comes first.

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